What States Offer Short-Term Disability Benefits in the United States?


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As of 2015, California, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey and Rhode Island are the only states that offer short-term disability benefits. Each state has different rules concerning these benefits, which govern who can receive the benefits, the size of the benefits and how long a person can receive them.

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California offers the longest benefit term, as eligible people can receive short-term disability benefits for up to one year. Employees in New York, New Jersey and Hawaii are eligible to receive benefits for up to 26 weeks, while Rhode Island provides short-term disability benefits for up to 30 weeks. Most states also set a specific amount of time that individuals must have worked for their employers in order to be eligible for benefits.

Under New York's disability benefits law, employees may receive up to 50 percent of their total salary, while employees in California can receive up to 55 percent and those in Hawaii can receive up to 58 percent of their salary as benefits. The maximum benefits in New Jersey are set at 66 percent of the person's total salary, and Rhode Island uses a complex formula to determine the benefit amount. All five states set a cap on the maximum amount of benefits a person can receive regardless of his salary.

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