Which States Allow You to Put Your Child Support on a Debit Card?


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Some states that allow child support on debit cards include Wisconsin, New York and Florida. These states offer debit cards specifically designed to receive child support. The funds are electronically loaded to the card, offering a secure, safe and convenient way to spend the money, states EPPICard.

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In Wisconsin, applicants receive the card 5 to 10 days after receipt of the first letter, which comes 2 to 3 days after application, notes Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. The Wisconsin Child Support Program is responsible for providing the service. Most states offer MasterCard cards, which are accepted at many places. In New York and Florida, the card is known as EPPICard, with is accepted at places that accept Maestro and MasterCard. Custodial parents who do not enroll in director deposit in New York receive the support payments via the card.

Credit cards for child support are safer than paper checks. They eliminate the need to make long trips to the bank and waiting in line. The card also helps avoid check cashing fees. It improves access to cash, and card holders can use it to shop. Card holders can also view statements showing purchases and support payments, states Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. Fees for cash withdrawals vary by state and also depend on the type of ATM used. For example, New York has in-network ATMs that have lower fees.

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