Which States Allow the Open Carry of a Firearm?


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As of January 2015, 11 states allow for open carry of firearms without applying for a permit, according to International Business Times. These states are Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Vermont, South Dakota, Virginia and Kentucky.

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Utah, California and North Dakota allow open carry of unloaded firearms, while both Iowa and Hawaii require a permit to open carry a firearm. Individuals cannot open carry long guns in Massachusetts, Minnesota or Florida, reports Nolo.

The term open carry implies open display of a firearm to the public. The trend has increased over the years, with more states joining the movement. Six states have fully banned the public display of firearms without a permit, states International Business Times.

The states have set restrictions on where an individual may open carry a loaded gun; individuals are not allowed to carry them in schools or courthouses, according to Nolo. The gun rights groups have a mixed reaction over open carry. Those against the implementation of the law are cautious in addressing it, while those in support are outspoken in advocating its implementation. The debate on whether to permit open carry or not still continues. Proponents state that law-abiding citizens carry their guns in public display to indicate they have nothing to hide.

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