What Are Some States That Allow You to Carry Firearms?


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States that allow the carrying of firearms without a license include Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada. Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, Vermont and Kentucky also permit carrying of firearms. States that permit carrying firearms only after acquiring a license include Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Tennessee. Additional states that permit carrying firearms after acquiring a license include Mississippi, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland and New Jersey, according to the International Business Times.

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Several states conduct background checks on individual before issuing gun licenses. However, several states lack formal procedures for revoking licenses once a gun carrier becomes ineligible. Gun laws at state levels reiterate federal regulations but have additional subtle layers. College administrators in over 20 states have the sole responsibility of deciding whether to allow or prohibit the carrying of firearms. Most states in the northwest and south-east restrict firearms in places that serve alcohol, states The Guardian.

As of 2015, states such as Delaware, Florida, Wisconsin and North Dakota allow gun use for recreational activities such as sports and lawful hunting. Idaho prohibits taxation on gun ownership and also restricts the confiscation of firearms unless a gun is part of a felony investigation, according to the Institute for Legislative Action.

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