What Are State Veteran's Benefits?


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State veteran benefits are special privileges that different states in the United States offer citizens who have attained veteran status. The benefits are a token of appreciation for their service to the country, and they include educational, financial, employment and social security benefits.

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Veterans are individuals who have previously served in the military. They receive veteran status after long periods of serving within their respective military branches. The veterans enjoy their state benefits together with their families. Educational benefits enable the veterans to gain access to free college and university education. Employment benefits include allocation of additional credit preferences to provide them with secure civil service jobs. Free hunting and fishing licenses are another example of state benefits veterans may obtain once they exit the military.

Social security benefits include cash bonuses and tax breaks on their income, which assist veterans in living a comfortable lifestyle once they retire from the military. In New York state, for instance, the state Department of Health runs a housing program for veterans and their families, as of 2015. Other social benefits include health care schemes, welfare programs for the disabled and burial allowance programs. Veterans are also specially recognized with specialized license plates on their vehicles.

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