What Are Some State Police Frequencies?


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Examples of police frequencies for Oregon, Illinois and Pennsylvania are 156.03000, 155.47500 and 155.58000, respectively, according to Radio Reference. The police use radio frequencies for law enforcement for small regions or for communication between agencies in wide areas.

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The Oregon 156.03000 state police frequency has a repeater mobile class station code and an alpha tag that enables scanners to display the name of the transmitting agency, says Scanner Master. The repeater mobile transmission enables mobiles and base stations in a wide area to communicate with each other, as radioreference.com explains. The Oregon state police radio frequency has a law tactical service tag, as police use the frequencies on the scene, for surveillance or specific sub-agency communications.

The 155.47500 Illinois state police frequency with license number KN3600 is a mobile-type class station frequency. It is a narrow band frequency used for emergency purposes, says Radio Reference. This frequency has a law talk tag as police use it for law enforcement, car-to-car and supervision operations.

Pennsylvanian 155.58000 police radio frequency is a base-type class station code used for law enforcement dispatch operations. Individuals listening to the channel get a Pennsylvanian State Police A Base alpha tag displayed on their scanners, notes Radio Reference. The frequency uses a continuous tone-coded squelch system tone that reduces annoyance of listening to other channels.

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