What Are Some Unusual State Laws?


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Some unusual state laws include Indiana's law that liquor stores may not sell cold sodas but may sell non-chilled ones, that selling margarine as butter is against the law in Iowa, and selling liquor by the glass is illegal in 26 counties in Kansas, according to Business Insider. Kentucky law requires legislators, lawyers and public officials to swear that they have not participated in a duel with deadly weapons.

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What Are Some Unusual State Laws?
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As of 2014, Alabama has a law prohibiting people from wearing fake mustaches that cause laughter in church, notes the Independent Journal. Georgia also has a law about Sunday behavior, with its regulation being that people may not keep ice cream cones in their back pockets on Sunday.

Some states have laws regarding outdoor recreation. Alaska law bans people from waking sleeping bears, and California does not allow dogs to pursue bears or bobcats. Minnesota bans the use of goldfish as fishing bait, and whale fishing is illegal in Nebraska, reports the Independent Journal.

Other states have laws regarding public behavior. People in Mississippi may not swear in front of two or more other people in a public place; by doing so, they risk serving a 30-day jail sentence or paying a $100 fine, according to Business Insider. New Jersey charges people committing violent crimes such as murder or sexual assault while wearing body armor with an additional criminal charge. Bingo games may only last up to five hours in North Carolina.

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