What Is SSI Housing?


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There is no specific housing available for individuals receiving assistance under the Supplemental Security Income program as of 2015. However, the SSI payments can be used to cover housing expenses, while many SSI recipients may be able to qualify for Section 8 subsidized housing under HUD's Housing Choice Voucher Program.

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What Is SSI Housing?
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The Supplemental Security Income program, which is administered by the U.S. Social Security Administration, was created to provide financial assistance to disabled or elderly people over the age of 65 who would otherwise not have enough income to support themselves. The SSI program provides cash payments to eligible individuals to help cover their basic needs, such as food, water, clothing and shelter.

As of 2015, the maximum federal SSI benefit is $721 for an individual and $1,082 for a couple. However, the total benefit that a person receives depends on a number of different factors, including their total level of expenses, living arrangements and income level. In addition to the federal SSI payments, the majority of states also offer some form of supplemental payments to SSI recipients. The only states to not offer supplemental SSI benefits are Arizona, North Dakota, Mississippi and West Virginia, while the Northern Mariana Islands are the only U.S. territory not to offer supplemental SSI payments.

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