How Do You Find Speed Limits for Different States?


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To find speed limits for different states, check the chart located on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety website, at IIHS.org. After navigating to the website, find the State Laws link on the left-hand side. The speed limit information is updated as needed.

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The IIHS.org website has a table that lists the states alphabetically and the corresponding speed limits, notes the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Some states have a different speed limit for commercial trucks, which is listed in a separate column. There are also some differences based on the location, such as some cities having different speed limits for the type of road. The states previously set the speed limits, though in the 1970s, Congress set a national maximum speed limit set.

The state with the highest rural speed limit is South Dakota, at 80 mph, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. South Dakota also has the highest urban interstate speed, which is also 80 mph. Speed limits for other limited roads are between 55 and 75 mph, with the exception of Hawaii, which has the lowest speed limit for other roads at 45 mph. Some states with different speed limits for commercial trucks are Indiana, Michigan and Oregon.

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