How Do You Find a Specific Address Using a Phone Number?

Online directories such as White Pages and offer free reverse address lookup services, where an individual can use an address to search for a residential or business phone number. For accurate results, the user should have a complete address, city state or ZIP code to search with.

Search results include a listing of possible matches, starting with the closest match to the input. Selecting a match from the listing generates further details, including the complete address, residents' or business associates' names and any listed landlines associated with the address or individuals. Other information provided includes a map of the exact location with an option to obtain directions, as well as a list of neighboring residents and businesses. Users have the option to print or download the results or to have it sent to a cellphone through SMS text.

Selecting an individual from the listing generates personal information such as complete name and age range, as well as other people they might be associated with. Cellphone numbers are not displayed through free searches, however most directories offer advanced search options for a fee. Other advanced searches include background and criminal checks, traffic offences, date of birth, email address and online social profile information. Public records such as birth, marriage and divorce records are available for a fee, as well as address history and relatives.