What Are the Specialties at the Walter Reed Army Hospital?


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While Walter Reed offers a truly diverse range of both impatient and outpatient services, the primary foci and specializations are those attending to sick, wounded and recovering uniformed personnel and their families. Among specific specialties are physical and occupational therapies, orthopaedics and rehabilitation.

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The departments of orthopaedics and rehabilitation are two of the most developed at Walter Reed, with specific specialties offered in the care of traumatic brain injury, orthopaedic surgery, physical medicine and amputee care services. As of 2015, these specializations make Walter Reed the largest facility treating issues of musculoskeletal therapy and neuro-rehabilitation within the entire purview of the United States Defense Department.

The hospital's occupational therapy services are specialized and committed to providing wounded veterans with increased independence in the home and workplace, including enhanced functionality in such everyday tasks as bathing, cooking, shopping and dressing themselves. Such care is also highly wound-oriented, providing continued treatments for common battle traumas, including fracture, nerve damage, amputation and soft-tissue injury.

Walter Reed is also designed to provide a complex system of outpatient care services. Some are specifically designed towards rehab interests, such as swimming, speech therapy, physical therapy and prosthetics. However, many other medical specializations are represented in these facilities, including oncology, dermatology, audiology, ENT and internal medicine more generally.

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