What Special Programs Are Offered Through Medicaid in New Jersey?

Special programs that Medicaid in New Jersey offers include medical emergency payments for aliens, a cancer education and early detection program, and home and community-based programs for seniors and people with disabilities. Medicaid offers these programs to meet the medical needs of individuals who otherwise do not qualify for the program.

An alien who has a medical emergency and who meets all the Medicaid eligibility requirements except for his immigration status may benefit from the medical emergency payments for aliens program. A person qualifies for this program if he does not have any citizenship documentation; if he is a non-immigrant, such as a temporary worker, a tourist or a student; and if he is an alien who is subject to the five-year ban. If an individual wishes to benefit from this program, he must apply after the emergency but within three months of the emergency date to receive the medical cover.

The New Jersey cancer education and early detection program provides outreach, screening and education services for prostate, colorectal, cervical and breast cancers. Other services include case management, follow-up, tracing and facilitation into treatment. The department provides these services through 21 lead agencies in the various counties.

The home and community-based programs make it easier for elderly and disabled individuals to receive care from home. The programs provide medical treatment in the form of traditional medical services, such as nursing. They also provide non-medical services, such as environmental modifications and case management. They make it easier for qualified individuals to receive support in a home or community setting instead of an institutional setting, such as a nursing home or a hospital.