What Does Sparky the Fire Dog Represent?


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Sparky the Fire Dog represents fire safety. Created in 1951 for the National Fire Prevention Association, Sparky the Fire Dog serves as the mascot and spokesdog for the organization.

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The NFPA offers numerous educational materials featuring Sparky the Fire Dog to help familiarize children with fire safety. Sparky visits schools and participates in community events along with firefighters to educate the public and raise awareness about fire safety.

Sparky the Fire Dog has an safe, interactive and educational website for children that provides activities, such as home safety checklists and a home-escape plan grid to plan a quick, safe and efficient exit from a home that is on fire. Fire-safety-themed games, cartoons, mobile apps and e-cards also feature prominently on Sparky's website. A section for parents provides numerous fire-safety tip sheets covering issues related to cooking, using candles, smoking and the necessity of changing batteries on smoke alarms regularly.

Because fire can frighten children, Sparky the Fire Dog's creators have taken pains to make the mascot friendly and fun while also imparting a serious message with regard to the dangers of fire. The NFPA seeks to maintain strict standards with regard to Sparky's appearance and his representation in various media.

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