How Do You Find Someone's Address?

someone-s-address Credit: Tim Robberts/The Image Bank/Getty Images

There are many ways to find a person's address, but a simple method is to use an online resource such as Whitepages or To search for a person on the Whitepages or, enter the person's name and city, state or ZIP code in the search bar. allows users to search for people, phone numbers, businesses and addresses using a search engine. The website also features reverse phone and address, area code, zip code and Yellow Pages searches. In addition, users can also browse through the website's phone number and name directories. The search results page shows a list of possible candidates. The list of candidates includes the candidate's name, address, age and a link to their full profile. The full profile shows the candidate's location on a map and their previous locations.

Whitepages also offers the same search and directories as, as well as a caller ID application for mobile devices. In addition, users can also select My Location in the search bar instead of manually entering a city, state or ZIP code. The search results page also lists candidates, including their name, address, age, previous locations, and a link to the full candidate profile. The full candidate profile shows the location on a map, as well as links to driving directions and neighbor profiles.