How Does Someone Prepare for Citizenship Questions?

Preparing to answer citizenship questions is an important part of the naturalization process. Before a person can become a United States citizen, he or she must pass a civics and English test.

Citizenship questions occur during the naturalization interview. This is one of the steps in the process that happens after someone submits Form N-400 and attends the fingerprinting appointment. The applicant for citizenship receives a letter letting him or her know what time the interview will occur. During this interview, the United States Citizenship and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officer will ask the applicant questions about U.S. civics and make sure he or she has a firm grasp of English. Here are the different types of citizen questions that are posed during this interview.

Form N-400 Questions
Before the interview starts, the USCIS will examine the applicant's identification by checking documents such as a driver's license. The USCIS officer will ask the applicant to raise his or her right hand to take an oath to swear to tell the truth entire interview. During the interview, the officer starts by asking the applicant questions that are found in Form N-400. This is the form used to apply for United States citizenship. The USCIS officer carefully reviews each answer to the questions. The officer will seek confirmation from the applicant to ensure that each question is answered accurately. During this part of the interview, the officer checks to make sure the applicant understands English. Even though there is an English portion of the interview, an applicant's English skills are being reviewed as soon as he or she walks in the door, says The USCIS officer wants to make sure the applicant naturally understands English and did not just cram for an English exam.

The Civics Exam
Citizenship questions include six to 10 civics questions. These questions concern the United States government and United States history. Applicants must answer at least six questions correctly in order to pass the test. When studying for this part of the exam, applicants can review 100 questions from which the USCIS officer can choose the 10 questions. These questions are available on the USCIS website. It's important to study all 100 possible questions as opposed to studying just the ones that applicants feel they may be asked as there is no way to accurately predict this.

The English Exam
The USCIS officer checks the applicant's knowledge of English throughout the entire test. An applicant will be required to read one English sentence out loud so the officer can check his or her spoken knowledge of English.

After the exam, applicants are given Form N-652, which lets them know the results of their exam. If applicants have failed the exam, they won't necessarily be denied citizenship. They will be asked to retake the exam. After the interview, the USCIS officer takes all of the documents and answers to the citizenship questions into consideration. At this time the officer will make a final determination of citizenship. If the USCIS officer thinks he or she does not have enough information to make this decision, the applicant will be contacted.