What Are Some Solutions to the Illegal Immigration Problem?

Solutions to the current crisis in illegal immigration include improving border security, establishing a path toward earned citizenship and properly enforcing regulations against employees hiring illegal immigrants, according to the White House. President Barack Obama has begun the path toward such reform by issuing executive orders that rely on three major courses of action. This strategy includes enhancing the resources at the border to prevent illegal crossings, focusing on illegal felons and not families, and rewarding accountability.

The additional resources at the border are accompanied with renovation of the structural and technological infrastructure to secure the border and better address threats to national security, explains the White House. The president's executive orders also centralize the command of law enforcement for efficiency. The improved security at the border allows for concentration on establishing a pathway to citizenship for illegal residents provided they meet certain criteria and continue to take on accountability through registering and engaging in such activities as paying taxes.

To fully reform the system, businesses also need to be prevented from hiring undocumented workers according to current legal requirements, reports the White House. Such an action needs to focus on not only penalizing employers that break the law but also by letting employers access technology that quickly lets them verify potential employees' immigration status.