How Do You Find a Social Security Number by Full Name and State?


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A Social Security number for a living person can only be obtained by the person whose number it is, a parent, spouse or a legal guardian. To obtain the number as an authorized party, visit a local Social Security office or the government's website.

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Social Security does not recognize a power of attorney. In order to obtain a number, the Social Security office requires specific documents. These must be originals and not copies. To obtain a list of the required documents, visit a local Social Security office or the government's website.

Many of the documents must be certified, and the Social Security office cannot accept notarized copies. When obtaining a Social Security number for yourself, be prepared to present legal photo identification as well as supporting original documents. As an authorized person obtaining a number for someone other than yourself, be prepared to present legal proof of identity and legal proof of relationship, such as an original marriage certificate, original birth certificate identifying you as a parent, or legal adoption paperwork.

Using a Social Security card to falsely obtain benefits can result in fines up to $5,000 per offence, plus repayment of falsely obtained benefits up to twice the amount obtained. Using a Social Security number to falsify identity can be prosecuted under identity-theft laws and may result in fines or imprisonment.

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