What Are Some Slogans for Fire Prevention?

One of the most well-known slogans about fire prevention is "Only you can prevent forest fires." Another slogan is "Think of fire before it starts."

Fire safety services offer several fire prevention slogans such as "Learn not to burn" and "Fire is a good servant but bad master." Such services often encourage people to douse fires with slogans such as "Kill fire before it kills you" and "Uncontrolled fire knows no frontiers."

Many slogans aim to protect people at work. Example include "A fire today – no job tomorrow," "Accidents bring tears, fire safety brings cheers" and "Fire safety on, accidents gone." Others are more general, such as "Fire defense is self defense," "Electrical safety leads to fire safety" and "Carelessness is the biggest cause of fire."

Some slogans warn people about what fire leaves behind, such as "Fire loss is a national loss" and "Whatever burns never returns." Others warn simply about the dangers of fire, such as "Fire the friend, fire the foe" and "Never trust fire."

Some fire prevention slogans play with words, such as "Fire catches, so don't play with matches" and "Fires that are small soon will be tall." Slogans for home life include "Unattended cooking means fire" and "Gather your clan, make a fire plan."