What Is the Slogan of the Indian Army?

slogan-indian-army Credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The Indian army's official motto is "The safety, honor and welfare of your country." The military forces of India have several mottoes, depending on which branch is being discussed.

  • The army also abides by the motto "Service before self." It is one of the few mottoes that is in English. Most of the other mottoes are in Sanskrit, Hindi or some other regional language.
  • For the Air Defense branch of the Indian Army it is "Win over the enemy in the sky."
  • The motto of the Indian Air Force is "Touch the sky with glory."
  • The Indian naval forces recite, "May the Lord of the oceans be auspicious unto us."
  • The Indian Military Academy uses "Valor and wisdom" as their motto.