Are There Free Sites for Public Texas Records and Marriages?

The websites of the counties in Texas provide free access to public records. Most counties offer a search tool allowing the user can search marriage records by inputting the full name of the husband or wife or both. The sites also allow searches for birth and death certificates.

The public records available through Texas counties such as Fort Bend and El Paso come from the Texas Vital Statistics website. County clerks manage and maintain the vital records, including marriage licenses and birth and death certificates. Other public records accessible on county websites include court records, real estate records, deeds and mortgages, and foreclosures.

All the vital and public records are open to the public in compliance with the Public Records Act. Marriage records can be downloaded and printed at no charge, though the documents are marked as unofficial and may only be used for personal use and reference. Unofficial copies of public and vital records cannot be used in place of certified or original documents.

A person who needs a certified copy of a marriage license may request it from the county clerk's office in the county that issued the original marriage certificate. Certified copies of public records are available upon request from the Texas Department of State Health Services.