How Do You Get a Simple Liability Release Form?


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A simple liability release form is available from websites such as FormSwift.com, RocketLawyer.com and FindForms.com. The forms are all general release forms customizable to the user's situation.

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Organizers of certain events or owners of certain businesses where risk is involved generally have participants sign a release of liability, as the document releases the owner or organizer from certain liabilities if someone incurs injury, Rocket Lawyer says. Participants should sign the document before participating in the risky activity.

There are a few important standard components of a release of liability, FormSwift explains; however, legal requirements to vary by state. Generally, a form should have the names of all parties involved and the date the form is signed. Questions included in the form should also include an outline of the activity. A release of liability form should also have a statement that explicitly states the signer is responsible for his own safety, and this part of the form generally outlines all of the risks involved in the activity.

A release of liability only gives the owner or organizer a layer of protection, but it doesn't protect completely against the possibility of a lawsuit, FormSwift warns. The form should advise of all of the risks involved, so the participant receives full warning before participating in the activity.

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