How Do You Sign up for Social Security Benefits in Indiana?


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Sign up for Social Security retirement or disability benefits in Indiana online at SSA.gov. Sign up by phone using a number on the SSA.gov website. Alternatively, go to one of the local Indiana Social Security offices after making an appointment and sign up in person.

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Applying for Social Security benefits online has a number of advantages, such as avoiding trips to the local office, which saves you time and money. Take as long as you want with the application, as you can save it and return to it later. Find helpful information in online links whenever you have difficulties, and go back and correct information when you make mistakes. When you are finished, submit the application immediately, and receive a receipt that you can print for your records.

Before you apply for Social Security retirement benefits, look up your full retirement age on the Social Security website. Although you can apply for benefits as early as age 62, your benefits are permanently reduced if you initiate them before full retirement age. If you choose to delay receiving benefits until after full retirement age, you accumulate delayed retirement credits that increase your benefits until age 70.

If you are applying for disability benefits, you must be at least 18 years old, not presently receiving benefits, and have a medical condition expected to last 12 months or more or result in death. Provide information about yourself, your spouse and children, your work, and your medical condition. If you do not have all the documents you need, apply promptly anyway, and Social Security helps you obtain them.

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