How Do You Sign up for Food Stamps?


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There are several ways to apply for food stamps, including filling out an application online or sending an application via post. You can also apply in person at a local Family Community Resource Center.

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To apply for food stamps online, navigate to the official website of the State Department of Human Services for the area in which you reside. Click on the Family and Community Services tab, and follow the instructions to find a link for the online application form. Complete the application form in full, and click Submit. To apply by post, download the application form, print it out, and complete it. Post the application to the address of your local DHS office. Alternatively, arrange an appointment with your local DHS office, and fill out the form on arrival.

Once the application form has been submitted by any of the above means, the process of application begins on the day the form is received by your local office. If the application has been made online or via post, an interview will be arranged to complete the application. It is likely that various documents will be required at the interview stage, such as proof of identity, proof of residence and proof of Social Security number.

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