How Do You Sign a Consent for Release Form Under HIPAA Laws?

A consent for release of confidential medical records form requires a legal signature of an authorized representative of a patient, and the signature must be notarized for validation, according to There are several types of medical release forms dealing with individual privacy rights, as noted by Humana.

Consent release forms are filled out and signed to give permission for the release of medical information to authorized individuals, notes Humana. Some insurers also provide forms to revoke your consent of confidential medical information. A form is available to restrict access of medical information to certain individuals. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, specifically prevents unauthorized individuals access to personal information and data related to medical care, states FindLaw. In medical malpractice cases, the only way lawyers gain access to private medical information is through a medical release.

Filling out and signing a medical release form authorizes urgent medical care for your child during an emergency, notes You should make several copies, and distribute them to caregivers and schools that require written consent for medical treatment in the event of an emergency. Information provided on medical release forms varies, but typically the forms require the name of the patient, address and phone number, according to FindLaw.