Why Should We Wear Seat Belts?

should-wear-seat-belts Credit: MoMo Productions/Taxi/Getty Images

People need to wear seat belts and insist that any passengers in the car do so as well because wearing them saves lives in the event of an accident. Another important reason for wearing them is that the law requires it, and there are legal consequences for not doing so.

The statistics make the importance of wearing seat belts very plain. According to the CDC, in greater than one-half of the fatalities in car crashes in the year 2009, seat belts were not worn. The CDC reports that wearing seat belts has increased from 11 percent in 1981 to almost 85 percent in 2010. Yet experts there assert that one in seven people still do not wear their safety belts. Unrestrained travelers are 30 times more apt to be ejected from the car during an accident, and more than 75 percent of people ejected die. Seat belts prevent many serious injuries and deaths in the event of a car accident. The risk of death is cut by 45 percent and the risk of serious injury by 50 percent of those people driving or in the front passenger seat. Someone sustains an injury in a car crash every 15 seconds, and someone dies in a crash every 13 minutes. Wearing a seat belt correctly and having children properly restrained in car seats help prevent these tragedies.