Should You Use a Board-Certified Lawyer in Texas or Buy Prepaid Legal Service?


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Deciding whether to use a board-certified attorney or to buy prepaid legal services rest on preferences regarding the type of legal services needed. Preference about the level of experience required for a particular legal issue is also a factor, states Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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A board-certified Texas attorney refers to the roughly 7,000 attorneys who are certified with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, according to its website. Board-certified attorneys represent about 10 percent of the total number of attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas. An attorney who is certified must have been in practice for at least five years and must have at least three years of experience in a particular area of law. Certified attorneys must maintain their certification status by completing TBLS-approved continuing education courses and remain active in the field of law in which they have attained certification.

A prepaid legal services attorney, on the other hand, could be any attorney in a network of attorneys who has opted in to the service plan, explains USLegal. A prepaid legal service plan allows access to legal services in exchange for a monthly premium. These plans are often offered through unions or employers. Unlike a board-certified attorney, prepaid legal service attorneys may or may not be specialists or experts in the field of law in which they practice.

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