What Should Soldiers Expect With Basic Training at Ft. Benning in Georgia?


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Basic training at Ft. Benning, Georgia, lasts 10 weeks, contact with friends and family is limited and the military provides everything the recruit needs. The training is rigorous and demanding, but drill sergeants do not hit or abuse their recruits. There is a graduation ceremony for all recruits that pass.

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What Should Soldiers Expect With Basic Training at Ft. Benning in Georgia?
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Basic training is actually for nine weeks, but the first week is registration and orientation which does not count as part of training. During the first week, recruits get all of their administrative tasks complete such as eye tests, drug tests, setting up financial accounts, receiving immunizations and getting uniforms issued.

Soldiers may make quick calls home, usually about two minutes when they arrive at reception and again when assigned to their training squads. After that, contact is us up to the discretion of the drill sergeant. Inductees should pack light because the military does not allow items such as designer glasses and contacts, which it replaces with military issue models.

Training consists of heavy physical fitness and stamina development and education in basic military maneuvers, tactics and weapons use.

Some things have changed with the times. Some units have Facebook pages or websites that allow friends and family members to keep track of their recruits' progress. When a soldier completes basic training, he can invite as many people to the graduation as he desires. There is no charge for the tickets.

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