What Should You Say on an SSA Disability Application?


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Questions on an SSA disability application are routine, such as name and address of past employers, information about spouse and children, and information regarding the disability. Two questions that need special consideration are the date of disability and details regarding the disability.

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In regards to the date of disability, this is important because it affects any potential back pay the applicant may be eligible to receive. The earlier the date of disability, the more money the applicant could be awarded. If the disability began with a specific incident, the questions are easier to answer than if the disability was caused due to an onset of a number of different illnesses and incidents. In these instances, the date that the applicant was unable to work as a result of the disability is the best way to answer.

In regards to the details of the disability, it's important to include information regarding the diagnosis and the limitations the condition causes. It is important for all of the conditions to be listed in the application, even if the applicant does not consider them to be serious enough, because it could be those very conditions that are the reason the applicant's functional capacity is reduced.

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