What Should You Know About Philippine Immigration?

Philippine immigration is a strict and precise process that requires a variety of information including a personal identification card and a verifiable visa. Depending on the type of immigration that one requests, it may be necessary to provide additional information, according to the Philippines Bureau of Immigration.

To obtain a visa and immigrate to the Philippines, the applicant must fill out a variety of forms, including a letter to the commissioner of the state that states the applicant has a valid visa and has the education, skills or abilities to promote the growth of the Philippines as a state. More details about the applicant are necessary for more permanent visas, such as the applicant's education, the reason for travel and the final destination. These forms require photo identification and require clearance by the Bureau of Quarantine, according to the Philippines Bureau of Immigration.

Upon completion of all the required forms, the applicant must turn the forms into the Public Information and Assistance Unit. The applicant then gets the order of the form, pays all of the processing fees that are due, and submits a copy of the official receipt. A Philippines government official fingerprints and identifies the applicant for the government's own records, as well. If the applicant receives approval, it is still necessary to wait to submit the visa to the Philippines, explains the Philippines Bureau of Immigration.