Why should people vote in elections?


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It is important for people to vote in elections as doing so increases the chance that the politician representing them reflects their views. In addition, exercising the right to vote is an effective way to strive for political equality.

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In a democracy, citizens have the opportunity to vote on important issues and elect politicians and representatives. In 2008, a U.S. Census Bureau survey found that only 72 percent of Americans were even registered to vote, with only 63 percent of those individuals casting their vote.

This means around 45 percent of people participate in deciding on issues that represent the country in its entirety. When more people vote, they increase the chance that the issues that are important to them are taken seriously. If a minority votes, there is a risk that their preferences do not represent the majority.

In addition to voting ensuring that issues are heard, it is a privilege that is relatively young in society. Women, the poor and ethnic minorities fought hard to win the right to vote. In some countries, voting is fruitless or people do not have voting options. Having the ability to vote when not everyone worldwide can determine their country's political processes is an advantage people living in democratic societies should prioritize.

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