What Should You Do If You Lose Your Voter ID Card?

should-lose-voter-id-card Credit: Blend Images - Hill Street Studios/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

If a voter ID card is lost, the first thing to do is to notify the police to prevent identity theft. Once this is done, a replacement card can be sought from the appropriate officials.

The process for getting a replacement voter ID card varies depending on the state, but there are some basic requirements that are uniform across the country. Before applying for a new card, it is important to contact the police so that they can make sure the old card is not used to commit voter fraud. If the police do not manage to track it down, they will work in conjunction with the relevant authorities to cancel the card so that it cannot be used in future.

Applying for a replacement voter ID card does not have to be time consuming. The steps required to get a new voter ID card differ for each state, but proof of identity and address, social security number and a replacement fee are some of the most basic requirements. In some states, such a New Jersey, the form for a replacement voter ID card cannot be completed online or sent through the mail, so it must be applied for in person. The reason for this is to provide an added layer of security.