What Should You Look for When Buying Vintage Remington Firearms?


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When buying a vintage Remington firearm, you should begin by identifying the gun's model, caliber and type. Look at the picture of the gun, and see how it matches up with a gun guide to determine other details about its construction and features.

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Always begin by inspecting the gun to determine its modifications and degree of damage. If the gun is in particularly poor condition, it might not be worth it to purchase, especially for a restoration project. Guns that are too heavily damaged are much more difficult to restore, and heavily damaged vintage guns are not recommended for beginning hobbyists. While the degree of mechanical damage heavily affects the gun's operation and restoration, surface and superficial damage typically is much easier to handle. Some components are simple to replace, and a few cleaning and buffing products can take care of surface nicks and scratches as well.

Inspecting the gun for modifications also affects the gun's value and the restoration project overall. Any previous work or customization performed on the weapon qualifies as a gun modification, and if the gun does not have standard parts, conduct more research to find the necessary replacements. Previous complex personalization projects may be difficult to restore.

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