What Should You Include on Legal Forms?


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The nature of information required on legal forms varies by type of document, explains Rocket Lawyer. For instance, a car bill of sale should indicate the Vehicle Identification Number, the odometer reading at the period of sale and vehicle make and model.

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Information required on lease agreements includes details such as duration of a lease, guest and pet policies, rent schedule and penalties for property damage, explains Rocket Lawyer. A lease agreement should also indicate the length of a lease and, where applicable, penalties for late payment.

Last will and testament documents, on the other hand, should include details such as names of beneficiaries, identities of the executors, the nature of inheritance distribution and names of the witnesses present at the signing of the will, states Rocket Lawyer. Other details that may be required on these documents include the names of guardians for children under a certain legal age and a list of digital assets, such as email addresses and online accounts.

Nondisclosure agreements should include details such as the duration of the agreement and the type of information to be kept confidential, explains Rocket Lawyer. A noncompete agreement, on the other hand, should delineate the geographical area covered by the contract, specify the nature of compensation for the parties that are not allowed to compete and show why the agreement is necessary, among other details.

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