What Should You Expect at USMC Boot Camp?


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What should be expected at U.S. Marine Corps boot camp is a test of strength and will, and learning a host of skills necessary for a new recruit in the span of three months. This is a difficult process that some recruits do not make it through, culminating in a gruelling event called "the Crucible" that acts as a final test before a recruit officially becomes a U.S. Marine.

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U.S. Marine Corps boot camp trains recruits in three phases, with the receiving and graduation phases before and after training acting as bookends. The first phase trains recruits out of civilian habits and begins to train them to think and behave like Marines. The second phase teaches vital skills that all U.S. Marines must learn, such as marksmanship and team skills. The third phase polishes these skills and tests them, refining a recruit for the final test, the Crucible.

The Crucible is a test designed in 1996 meant to test all of a Marine's skills. Recruits are assigned to a team and instructor, and all recruits pass or fail together, emphasizing the teamwork skills needed in the field. The test lasts for 54 hours, with only 8 of those hours allotted to sleep, while recruits march across 48 miles, and encounter and overcome many obstacles along the path that are meant to test certain skills.

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