What Should You Expect at Navy Boot Camp?

What Should You Expect at Navy Boot Camp?

New recruits at the U.S. Navy boot camp can expect to be educated in Navy customs, discipline and traditions, as well as learning skills needed for their career as a sailor. Training lasts seven weeks and concludes with a pass-in-review ceremony.

When recruits first arrive, they are separated into divisions, and each division is assigned three recruit division commanders whom recruits report to throughout basic training.

The first week is devoted to in-processing. Recruits get regulation haircuts, are issued their gear, receive dental and medical examinations and fill out all necessary forms. They also learn to properly fold and store clothes and make beds.

Over the remaining weeks recruits are trained in ship nomenclature, seamanship, water survival, line handling, fire fighting, military drill, the laws of armed conflict, money management, handling shipboard emergencies and small arms marksmanship with the M16 rifle and 12-gauge shotgun. Divisions also compete against each other in athletics, cleanliness, drills and academics.

The final training week concludes with a 12-hour event called Battle Stations 21. This event tests recruits with 12 different scenarios that incorporate all of their previous training. Upon successful completion of this event, recruits are given a Navy ball cap and formally recognized as sailors.