What Should You Expect After Being Assigned to T.A.D. in the Navy?


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Navy personnel assigned to TAD, or temporary additional duty, should expect a special assignment of two days to two months in duration, although some TAD assignments last longer. In addition to their regular salary, those on TAD receive special per diem pay to cover their living expenses.

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Per diem pay is a fixed amount for lodging, food and other incidental expenses. The specific per diem pay varies depending on the location of the assignment and whether it is in the continental United States or abroad. In some locations housing may be offered, while in others the cost of rental housing is covered by per diem pay. If less than the allotted daily value of the per diem pay is spent, the balance does not need to be returned. A sailor on TAD checks into the administrative office upon arrival, fills out relevant forms and receives any specific information concerning the temporary duty assigned, including duty hours and daily routine. Though only assigned to temporary positions, personnel on TAD are still accountable for their actions and must obey all rules and regulations.

Longer temporary additional duty assignments may be known as extended TADs, but the Defense Department mandates that TADs be less than six months in duration. When these assignments are longer, they are considered permanent changes of station.

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