How Should You Decide Which Candidate to Vote For?


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To decide which candidate you should vote for, find out which one you believe best represents the interests of his or her constituents. Do this by researching each candidate's voting record as well as their positions on current issues, according to Smart Voter.

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One of the most distinctive traits of democracy is the ability of citizens to choose their own representatives in government. The ability to vote is both a right and a privilege that can be revoked in certain cases, such as when a felony has been committed.

It is important to select a candidate based on your own research and critical thinking skills. It can be helpful to get input from friends, family and others in your community about each candidate, but the decision should not be based solely on the opinions of others.

When researching candidates, consider things such as where he or she stands regarding issues like the economy, health care, the environment, education and foreign affairs. Find out which companies and groups have made financial contributions to the candidates' respective campaigns. Check their official statements regarding certain key issues, and read contradicting opinions to gain a healthy perspective. It is also a good idea to watch speeches and to read interviews to gain more insight into the personality and demeanor of each candidate.

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