What Should You Do If the CertainTeed Shingles Lawsuit Affects You?


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Homeowners affected by the CertainTeed shingles lawsuit should file claims for compensation by sending claim forms, photographs of the roof, and sample shingles to the CertainTeed Organic Claims Settlement Administrator, reports the official CertainTeed Shingle Settlement website. As of 2015, homeowners can download and print claim forms on the website.

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If you are unable to download and print a claim form, fill in and submit the Request Claim Form application on the website, or call the provided number, instructs the CertainTeed Shingle Settlement website. Use the standard claim form if this is your first claim, and use the abbreviated claim form if you already submitted a warranty claim. Answer all questions on the form, using "N/A" when the question is irrelevant and filling in the CertainTeed warranty or file number in the space for the claim number. Along with the completed claim form, send any necessary documentation and color photographs that clearly show the damage to the roof and the location from which you take the shingle sample.

Have a roofing expert remove one of the damaged shingles and replace it with another shingle to prevent leaking, advises the CertainTeed Shingle Settlement website. Send a representative shingle that is blistered, clawed, cracked or curled. Label the damaged shingle with your name and address, sandwich it between two pieces of cardboard, and place it in a package along with a separate envelope containing the claim form, photographs and other documents. Use an insured and traceable carrier to ship the package.

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