What Is the Shoplifting Law in Texas?


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According to Denton County criminal defense lawyer Tim Powers, shoplifting is classified as criminal theft. The punishment for theft can range from a fine to prison time, depending on the specifics of the crime. The Texas penal code defines theft as physically stealing property or taking property by deception without consent. Under Texas law, shoplifting is defined as deliberately taking retail items with no intention of paying.

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What Is the Shoplifting Law in Texas?
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Arlington defense attorney Jim Ross explains that Texas law is strict on shoplifting and similar crimes. Individuals convicted for shoplifting can face fines, possible jail time, probation, community service and prison time. Attorney Ross also explains that financial troubles, addiction and peer pressure are all situations that can cause otherwise law-abiding individuals to shoplift.

According to Houston defense attorney Matt Hoark, shoplifting charges can affect an individual's criminal record, so it is important that anyone facing shoplifting charges contact an attorney as soon as possible. Hoark explains that while many people believe shoplifting is considered petty theft and has no real consequences, in reality a shoplifting charge can affect many aspects of life. In certain cases, scholarships and educational opportunities can be withdrawn if the applicant has a shoplifting charge on his record. Shoplifting charges can also lead to disqualification for certain jobs, as background checks are a standard practice of many employers.

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