What Are Some Ships Listed on Crew Lists?

What Are Some Ships Listed on Crew Lists?

Crew Lists has an extensive library of British ships, including the Royal Blue, the New Saint Patrick, the Empress of India, the Robert & Mary and the Lilly Belle. Crew Lists features information on ships' service dates, ownership and any crew list available for ships' voyages.

The Royal Blue was a Newfoundland sailing schooner that sailed from 1877 until 1930. Crew Lists features 12 crew lists for Royal Blue voyages. Charles Dawe was Royal Blue's original owner, selling the ship to Edwin J. Duder, who owned it until it fell out of commission.

The New Saint Patrick took its first voyage in 1873; however, there is no record on when it was built. It was owned by Marmeduke O. Cramer, Rathmoore and Kinsale and was a sailing ship that sailed until 1896. There are four crew lists available for the New Saint Patrick.

The Empress of India was a London steamship built in 1891 and sailed until 1909. The ship belonged to the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. There are seven crew lists available for the Empress of India.

The Robert & Mary was a sailing ship from 1870 until 1888 with crew lists available for 1880 to 1887. The ship was owned by Robert Mushens of Sunderland. The ship was converted to a brig in 1880, and in 1888 it was turned into a hopper.

The Lilly Belle was a sailing ship owned by William S. Loggie, in service from 1894 until 1897. There is one crew list available for the Lilly Belle.