How Do You Find Shelters for Homeless Men?


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In most areas of the United States, you can dial "211" to get up-to-date information on emergency shelters for homeless men. Some cities also have drop-in centers that can provide information and referrals to area homeless shelters.

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How Do You Find Shelters for Homeless Men?
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As of March 2015, 211 service is available in just over 92 percent of the United States. Only 12 states have less than 100-percent coverage. Of these, Arkansas, Illinois and Kentucky have the worst coverage. The remaining states range from about 50 to 90 percent coverage. The number is toll-free in all areas. Ideally, the number connects the caller to a live community resource specialist, but at certain times of day in some areas, a recorded message may play instead.

Larger cities with significant homeless populations, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, usually have one or more drop-in centers. These centers connect homeless people with emergency services, such as shelters.

Some areas also have websites that list homeless shelter locations. Some are maintained by the county or city, and some are maintained by a combination of private service providers, advocacy groups and general volunteers.

Nationwide charity organizations that have men's shelters in some cities include The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and Goodwill.

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