What Shape Is a Stop Sign?

shape-stop-sign Credit: Enzo D./Moment/Getty Images

A stop sign is octagonal in shape. Octagons and red are the two clearest indicators that a driver should stop at a sign.

A stop sign may or may not have a white outline around it, which does not dictate whether the stop sign needs to be stopped at. The red color that is seen in a stop sign can also be seen in traffic lights; this also signals drivers to stop. Green, on the other hand, generally signals that it is acceptable for a driver to enter or exit.

Traffic signs are greatly dependent on shapes and colors. Drivers must be familiar with these shapes and colors to drive safely and successfully on the road. Yellow signs generally mean that drivers should take caution. A yield sign, for example, is yellow and triangular in shape. The yield sign tells drivers that they should slow down and let any other drivers entering have the right of way. This is commonly seen in areas where one road enters another. Orange signs tell drivers that they are in a construction zone. When an orange sign is seen, drivers should slow down and follow any other rules that have been set in place by traffic regulators.