How Do You Set up a Mock Crime Scene?

To set up a mock crime scene, first select a location that would make sense for the crime to be committed, then place evidence using different items that can lead investigators towards solving the crime and finally come up with an overarching story and solution that the investigators must solve. It is important to lead the fake investigators in the right direction, but to not give away so much that the crime is solved easily.

Mock crime scenes can be used as a valuable teaching tool for students, or just as a fun activity. Use the following tips to set up an exciting mock crime scene.

  1. Determine the location of the crime
  2. If in a school, make sure that the crime scene will not interfere with other classes or activities. Find a location that makes sense with the type of crime that will be committed, such as a parking lot for a crime involving a car or a locker for a crime involving theft.

  3. Place evidence relevant to the crime
  4. Place pieces of evidence that will steer the investigators in the right direction, but not giving away the crime too easily. If desired, intermingle certain pieces of evidence that are not relevant.

  5. Develop the overarching story and work backward
  6. Work backward to make sure it is possible for the investigators to work through each step of the investigation process in order to reach a final conclusion and solve the crime.