What Are Some Services of Zogby Analytics?


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Some services offered by Zogby Analytics include the collection of data through surveys and interviews, along with the analysis of research data. Zogby Analytics works with corporate clients to create research projects related to market research and the understanding of public opinion.

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The research services offered by Zogby Analytics are categorized depending on the research methodology used. Under telephone surveys, Zogby Analytics conducts live operator telephone polling and automated telephone polling. The company also conducts Internet-based polling, as well as online surveys. Additionally, Zogby Analytics helps its clients conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

The company also holds traditional and online focus groups as a way of collecting data for clients. Through intercept interviews, Zogby Analytics collects data from specific locations as directed by clients. For specialized audiences, the company uses influencer surveys to collect data. The company also provides data collection services through dial testing, which provides real-time results. Text message polls are also a popular method used by the company to collect data according to client needs.

Zogby Analytics also offers data collection services for hard-to-reach populations, such as those in international locations. In addition, the company provides channel checking services, which focus on independently evaluating companies that clients want to invest in. Zogby Analytics also provides professional data analysis services to its clients.

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