What Services Does the VA Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, Offer?

What Services Does the VA Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, Offer?

The Nashville campus of the Veteran Administration's Tennessee Valley Healthcare System offers many services, including geriatric programs, hospice and palliative care, mental health assistance, general internal medicine, and medical sub-specialities. Special programs are available for veterans who are former prisoners of war, homeless or newly returned from duty.

As of 2015, veterans are able to receive treatment from a wide range of specialists in areas such as allergy and immunology, cardiology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases and oncology. Female veterans have access to gynecological services and maternity care. Primary care outpatient services are also available.

If funding is available, public and nonprofit organizations provide housing for veterans without homes. These vets also have the opportunity to participate in work therapy programs, such as sheltered workshops and supported employment. Former homeless vets also offer vocational assistance and job placement.

The VA's Nashville campus provides support for veterans as they transition to civilian life and includes their families as well. Assistance includes short-term counseling, mental health services, information about the VA system and help maneuvering through it.

Caregivers to veterans can receive aid through the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System. Options include a caregiver support line, licensed professional support coordinators, peer-mentoring programs, adult day health care and skilled home care.