What Services Does the USDA Rural Development Agency Offer to Rural Families?


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The USDA Rural Development agency provides a wide range of services to families living in rural areas including single and multifamily loans and grants for housing and housing preservation, electricity, telecommunications and water. These programs are designed to help farmers and those living in rural areas access funds to help specific needs found in the community not addressed by the local government, and some programs like the preservation grants can only be applied for by the local legislator when implementing programs to add to their services.

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The multifamily direct loan program is designed to help with financing home rental for low-income elderly of families with individuals who have disabilities. This loan can be applied for as an individual, but is normally given to a corporation or organization that seeks to build affordable rental housing for rural families.

A single family direct loan is for low-income families living in rural areas. It provides payment assistance to help those eligible with the ability to repay the costs of the housing. The amount of assistance is based on the combined income of the family, and eligibility also requires that the family's income falls within a certain range. These loans are specifically for families that cannot obtain assistance from other financial institutions.

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