What Services Does the South Carolina Department of Revenue Offer?

The services offered by the South Carolina Department of Revenue and their availability differ for individuals and businesses but may include tax paying, tax filing, business registration and the option to request needed documents, notes SC.gov. Along with sections for individual taxpayers and businesses, there is a section for tax professionals. This section provides a number of forms along with information on the appeals process.

Individuals have a number of options on the site including the ability to pay taxes online. South Carolina has a state income tax, and the forms for filing can be printed out or downloaded directly from the website. There is a section for questions on filing state taxes along with a section for estate, fiduciary, property and use taxes. Individuals may also check the statuses of their tax returns, states SC.gov.

Business users can file and pay their taxes through the site. The site provides these users with information on tax credits, a penalty calculator and a list of business taxes with their respective rates.

Tax professionals are given access to request certificates of compliance, request a ruling and access various publications. This is useful for professionals who are working with customers with complicated tax cases. It can help answer not only the tax professionals' questions but their customers' questions in addition.