What Are Some Services Provided by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife?


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As of November 2015, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife provides services related to conservation, fishing, hunting, licensing and permits, and enforcement of fish and wildlife regulations. The department provides these services to the public, to educational institutions and to other Washington state departments and agencies.

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Advocating on behalf of various animal species living in the state of Washington is a significant part of the services provided by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Some species of concern for which the department advocates are the greater sage-grouse and the western gray squirrel. The department also administers the wolf conservation and management program.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife provides information to the public about recreational fishing, including salmon and crab fishing and razor clamming. The department also provides game management services and identifies hunting prospects on its website. Other hunting information available on the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website includes data on private lands hunting access, hunter education and wildlife health information.

Online sales of fishing and hunting licenses and permits is available on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Licensing and Permits Web page. Clicking on the Online License Sales link on the left sidebar of the Licensing and Permits Web page begins the process of buying a wildlife hunting permit.

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