What Services Are Provided on Myhealthcare.va.gov?


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The services provided on MyHealth.va.gov are centered around a veteran's personal health record. The services that a veteran can access vary based on the type of account the veteran has. A Basic account provides access to self-entered information, while Advanced and Premium accounts have additional features.

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Any veteran that registers online is given a Basic account. This type of account does not require identity authentication and gives users access to journals and tools to help track their health. Veterans can also input their allergies, any medications that are being taken, health measurements and emergency contact information with a Basic account.

Advanced accounts are only available to patients of the Veteran's Administration and veterans. This account type gives users the ability to access medical records available through the VA and the Department of Defense. An Advanced account does not require identity authentication.

Premium accounts provide the highest level of access and do require that veterans verify their identity through authentication. These accounts are available for VA patients and veterans. Examples of information that can be accessed with a Premium account include admissions and discharges from VA facilities, immunization records, past and future appointments, allergies, medication history, active health problems and pathology reports. Vitals and readings, wellness reminders and military service information is also available with a Premium account.

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