What Are Some Services Provided by Michigan's State Government?


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The Michigan state government provides services that include correctional services, environmental quality provisions, insurance and financial services and military and veteran affairs. Michigan has a form of government consisting of the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

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Health service provision is one of the most important duties of the Michigan state government. The government is responsible for ensuring health facilities meet the minimum requirements and that all health workers are licensed accordingly. Some hospitals and health centers are under the management of the state government.

The government is responsible for providing education-related services to the residents of the state. The government implements federal and state legislative mandates in this sector. The Michigan state government is responsible for providing licensing and registration services to individuals and organizations that wish to set up businesses or any other venture within the region.

To ensure the safety and security of residents and property in Michigan, the state government is responsible for providing security services. This is generally in the form of policing. The government works to prevent crime or apprehend anyone that is suspected of criminal activity. Other services provided by the state government include talent and economic development, management and budgeting and transport-related services.

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